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Financial advisors can seamlessly customize portfolios of industry-leading alternative investment funds with low minimums and operational simplicity.

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Value Proposition

Differentiate Your Offering

Compete with highly resourced wealth management firms to enhance client outcomes and win business by offering unique investment strategies.

Private Fund Access

With low investment minimums relative to going direct, your clients can gain exposure to approximately 50 alternative investment funds that are among the largest and most recognized in the industry. Our manager selection process is conflict-free, meaning we have never and will never be paid for distribution.

An Integrated Solution

Our platform is here to simplify, complement, and enhance your operational workflows. Your clients will subscribe to multiple fund exposures with a single, one-time electronic sub doc, and receive consolidated account statements, audits, K-1s, capital calls, and distribution notices.

Conflict-Free Source of Capital

We have never and will never charge fees to the managers on the platform.

Diversified Source of Capital

Gain access to a large and growing niche of advisors and their investors.

Consolidated Filing

One end client as opposed to hundreds of individual LPs through both our onshore and offshore Crystal Funds Master LP Feeder Structure. This means one recipient of K1s, account reporting, capital calls, distributions, etc.

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Institutional Experience Meets the Modern Tech-Enabled World

Alternative investing is at the core of our DNA. Founded in 1994, Crystal has been an active investor in the private fund ecosystem, allocating to managers that are titans of the industry. Today, Crystal has evolved into a company with its core DNA intact, now equipped with enhanced technology to empower our advisory network.

An Investment Management Solution for the Modern Advisor

Our platform is designed specifically for alternative investing, giving you all the tools necessary to add private funds to your client’s portfolios. Quickly browse managers, compare funds, create client-facing proposals, and manage portfolios through time.

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