Choosing the right institutional alternative investment platform for your advisory business

What should you consider?

Experience Matters

Select an alternative investment platform backed by a team with real world investing experience, that has lived through multiple market cycles. Confirm that the principals are investing alongside their clients.

The Crystal Way: 25 Years of Alternative Investing Experience

We have been investing in alternatives since 1994. Partners are significantly invested through the platform representing 7% of firm AuM.

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Conflict-Free Manager Selection

It is prudent to ensure there are no economic arrangements between the alternative investment platform provider and a fund manager.

The Crystal Way: We Are Not Compensated By the Managers in the Program

We utilize our experience and deep network to provide exposure to third-party institutional private equity and hedge funds for your clients' portfolios. Our manager selection process is conflict-free, as we are not compensated by any of the managers in the program. We seek to identify those mangers with a proven track record, a dedicated risk management process, deep teams and institutional safeguards.

How to Identify an Institutional-Quality Fund

Technology, Research & Presentation Tools

Do the quantitative and qualitative tools prepare you for a client presentation? Look for software that helps you easily illustrate the value that each fund or portfolio can bring to an investor.

The Crystal Way: Proprietary Technology & Research Developed Over the Last 20+ Years

Our technology and research is specifically designed for alternative investing with the intention to help advisors stand out in front of their clients.

  • Easy to use e-commerce portfolio construction technology.
  • Interactive, client-facing portfolio proposals with your brand identity.
  • Quantitative analytics
  • Qualitative research and operational due diligence supported by routine manager conference calls and onsite due diligence visits.
  • Can be customized to meet your unique needs.

Sample Web Proposal

An Efficient Workflow

Investing in individual feeder funds is time consuming and overwhelming. Choose an efficient investing solution that minimizes administrative burdens for you and your clients.

The Crystal Way: A Turn-Key Investing Solution

All your private equity & hedge fund needs in one place.

  • A simple, one-time, online subscription process for a diversified portfolio with multiple funds.
  • Safeguard client assets with top-tier institutional providers
  • Integrated with all major custodial platforms

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Post Investment Support

Sign up, then what? Choose a partner that offers post-investment support in areas such as portfolio monitoring, liquidity management, and client communication and education.

Ongoing Investing Support

  • Leverage our seasoned team of investment professionals readily available to support you.
  • Consolidated monthly account statements & K-1s
  • Liquidity and rebalancing software
  • Private equity call tracking
  • Regular fund updates

Advisor Support

We provide client-facing materials, which can be customized and private-labeled to enhance your brand identity. We originate content, such as timely industry news, educational materials and more, to help you effectively communicate with your clients.

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