The Crystal Way vs. Transactional Access Platforms

Many alternative investment platforms are designed as transactional solutions. But we believe achieving real and lasting results for your clients requires more than just access.

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Manager Selection Process

The Crystal Way: Conflict-Free Manager Selection

We are not compensated by the managers on our platform.

We offer exposure to a dynamic and institutional roster of available private funds. We source some of the industry’s leading private equity and hedge fund managers, aiming to identify those with proven track records, dedicated risk management processes, deep teams, and institutional safeguards.

Our Conflict-Free Manager Section Process

The Transactional Way: Manager Kickbacks

Conflicted manager selection

Transactional platforms often receive manager kickbacks. However, blue-chip managers don’t typically pay for distribution, which may raise possible questions about the quality of investments on the platform.

Turn-Key Solution

The Crystal Way:
A Streamlined Portfolio Solution

Diversified portfolios, little paperwork

Investing in best-in-class alternatives creates overwhelming paperwork for your financial advisory business. Our turn-key investing solution helps keep it simple.

All your private equity & hedge fund needs in one place.

  • A simple one-time online subscription process for a diversified portfolio with exposure to multiple funds
  • Efficiently manage one portfolio for multiple investors with similar investment objectives; while maintaining investors’ liquidity separate
  • Easy to use portfolio rebalancing and liquidity management tools
  • Consolidated monthly account statements, audits, and K‑1s
  • Integrated with all major custodial platforms

Your Alternative Investment Back Office Support

The Transactional Way:
Individual Feeder Funds

Individual feeder funds, tons of paperwork.

Other platforms are designed to sell advisors and their clients a single fund at a time. The paperwork required to subscribe to or redeem from individual feeder funds is time-consuming and overwhelming.

Technology & Research

The Crystal Way:
Proprietary Technology & Research Developed Over the Last 20+ Years
  • Portfolio optimization tools
  • Proprietary qualitative analytics
  • Liquidity and rebalancing software
  • Private equity call tracking and forecasting
  • Qualitative research and operational due diligence supported by routine manager conference calls and onsite due diligence visits
The Transactional Way:
Outsourced Technology & Research

Technology & Research is typically outsourced to third-party firms, limiting customization capabilities and the ability to integrate with your existing business.

Advisor Support

The Crystal Way:
Ongoing Advisor Support

We are 100% advisor-focused. We provide resources to support your sales and educational efforts.

Business Development

Investors are seeking on-demand presentations with information offered as smaller relatable nuggets. Our alternative investment insights and web-based investment proposals are designed to support your efforts in providing your clients with the information they value and understand.

Alternative Investment Insights

Sample Web Proposal

Ongoing Investing Support

Rely on our seasoned team to provide ongoing investment support, portfolio review and rebalancing, latest fund opportunities and updates, and more.

The Transactional Way:
Transactional Agent

Sign up, then what?

Transactional platforms are not typically designed to support advisors post-investment in areas such as portfolio monitoring, liquidity management, or sales & marketing.

Experience Matters

The Crystal Way:
20+ Years of Alternatives Investing Experience

Our firm has been investing in alternatives since 1994.

Partner capital represents 7% of AuM, so we have skin in the game.

Meet our Team

The Transactional Way:
Newer to the Game

Independent transactional platforms have not been through multiple market cycles.

View the institutional private equity and hedge fund exposures available on our platform.

For financial advisors only.