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Private Equity Performance Tends to Follow Recessionary Periods

Webinar highlights

  • Post-crisis PE historical performance.
  • Importance of institutional manager selection.
  • Build a portfolio with the in-market institutional PE funds on our platform (part 2 of the webinar).
Hello everyone and thank you for joining us for today’s webinar to discuss private equity performance in the aftermath of crisis, my name is Alan Strauss, Director of IR here at Crystal Capital Partners, joined by my colleague and Head of Research Brian Heimowitz. Crystal capital partners provides financial intermediaries access to 3rd party institutional private equity and hedge funds with low investment minimums. We help you, the advisor, build customized portfolios for your clients using our turn-key alternative investment platform. During today’s webinar we’ll take a closer look at our agenda here on the right hand-side of the page where We intend to discuss: - post crisis historical pe performance - the importance of manager selection - and show you how our platform can easily help you bring in-market institutional pe opportunities to your clients’ portfolios As you can see, timing is everything. Evidenced by the data below, it is clear that historically times of crisis, like the current global pandemic and recession we find ourselves in, are the best times to invest in pe. Over the last 20 years, the best performing vintages have been those from ’01 post.com bubble crisis and ’08 post global financial crisis as you can see on the charts with respect to multiples on invested capital and in terms of internal rate of returns. These era vintages have allowed investors to find attractive value at depressed prices. While the timing is opportune, a critical consideration is manager selection, and frankly not all funds are created equal. Manager performance dispersion is real and significant, especially when it comes to private equity and venture capital. As you can see on the chart where venture capital and global private equity and the dispersions in performance between top and bottom quartile managers. In this current environment asset raising has posed challenges, but clearly not necessarily for institutional managers. Their longevity and historical success in the space, ability to deploy and access capital quickly, along with deep networks of experts and deal flow, has continued to give established fund managers continued growth potential and the ability to take advantage of the opportunity set. GPs and LPs alike agree the opportunity set is vast, especially distressed, sector specific & debt, as the graph illustrates. Register or log-in to our website to hear from my colleague and Head of research, Brian Heimowitz to learn which in-market pe funds are available on our platform and taking advantage of these sectors. We’ll also show you how easily you can add them to your clients’ portfolios. Again, just login at www.crystalfunds.com.
YTD 2020 Hedge Fund Platform Performance Update & the Opportunity Landscape

Webinar Highlights

  • Hedge fund industry performance overview, followed by the YTD performance of the institutional, third-party hedge funds available on Crystal's platform.
  • Performance attribution.
  • How to execute a separately managed, bespoke portfolio of funds with a single subscription document and no per-fund minimums.
Technology-Focused Private Equity Opportunities and how you can access them for your clients’ portfolios

Webinar Highlights

  • An overview of the private markets.
  • How the coronavirus has accelerated technology adoption trends in internet, enterprise software and artificial intelligence.
  • View technology-focused, in-market PE managers available on Crystal's platform.

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