Crystal Capital Partners Established in 1994. Private Equity and Hedge Funds

The Fund of Funds Generation

1994 - 2003


Crystal Associates LP registers with the SEC as a Registered Investment Adviser.

Emerald International Fund, a low volatility multi-strategy fund of funds is launched for offshore investors.

Trident Trust Company and Ernst and Young become the fund’s independent administrator and auditor.


Sapphire International Fund, an opportunistic fund of funds is launched for offshore investors.


Topaz Fund LP, an onshore low volatility multi-strategy fund of funds is launched for high net worth U.S investors.


Topaz Institutional Fund Ltd, a low volatility multi-strategy fund of funds is launched for U.S and offshore institutional investors.

An Advisor Focused Approach

2004 - 2010


Crystal Advisors creates a principal protected note program underwritten by Credit Suisse.


Designed with advisors in mind, the Customized Hedge Fund Portfolio program is launched to help advisors deliver institutional hedge fund portfolios tailored to meet their clients’ investment objectives.

Crystal Capital Partners, LLC is formed


Our private label capabilities provide advisors with branded websites and allow them to deliver personalized reports and client‑facing materials to their clients.


The Customized Hedge Fund Portfolio Program is launched for institutions. It is first adopted by a large regional bank as the premier hedge fund solution for their investors.

Operational Efficiencies

2012 - 2015


We connect with major custodial platforms like Fidelity, Pershing and others to streamline transactional processes and provide integrated reporting.


Improvements in proprietary portfolio optimization technology help advisors instantly analyze and monitor portfolio performance and liquidity.


Our subscription process goes digital, eliminating overwhelming paperwork and multiple signature requirements. We now offer a simple, one time, online subscription process.

The Future

2018 - 2019


The future looks bright! We are expanding into other areas of the alternative investing space starting with private equity.


We have expanded our services to include a content sharing option that helps advisors reach clients via email and social media platforms.