Conflict-Free, Institutional Manager Selection

We strongly believe that the best managers do not usually pay for distribution, and these are exactly the type of managers we seek to work with on our platform.

Oftentimes, platforms, banks, brokers, and third-party marketers receive placement fees from asset managers in exchange for distribution. Since 1994, as investors ourselves, we have always taken a conflict-free approach toward manager selection. We are not compensated by any of the managers on the platform, nor do we receive any placement fees for the distribution of any fund. Managers are selected based on their merit. We identify firms with proven track records through multiple market cycles, dedicated risk management processes, deep teams, and institutional service providers.

Manager Selection Process

Universe of 10,000+
Private Funds

Quantitative Analysis

Identify the alpha producers, using CrystalTools©, our proprietary analytics designed for investing in alternatives.

Alpha Producers

Qualitative Analysis

Review firms’ history, risk management process, depth of team, strategy, and more.

Platform Selection

Establish Relationship with Manager

After multiple rounds of due diligence (both in-person and via zoom), we satisfy managers’ minimum investment, comply with legal requirements, and submit extensive paperwork.

Approved Funds

Ongoing Fund Review

Our investment committee routinely conducts onsite manager visits or conference calls, monitors capacity opportunities, reviews fund recommendations, and approves new funds in investment committee meetings.

Independent Oversight & Verification

We supplement our in-house research with an independent operational assessment for each third-party fund that typically generally includes financial statement analysis, legal and compliance, human capital, service providers, information technology, valuation, and background checks for many of the funds on our platform.

Conflict-Free Manager Selection, backed by our Investment Committee

Our experienced team of investment professionals is readily available to support you. We continuously monitor the firms and funds on our platform looking for changes in personnel, fund style-drift, and character breaks, among other factors that may affect a fund’s future performance. If we detect any significant changes, we make sure to inform you.