Miami, FL - 07/25/2019

Financial Advisors Win Big with Crystal Capital Partners’ Next Generation Technology

Continuing its momentum as a pioneer in the alternative investment platform space, Crystal Capital Partners has rolled out a proprietary, next-generation technology offering for the independent financial advisory community it serves. The offering effectively delivers the tools to assist financial advisors in their client interactions.

Steven Brod, CEO of Crystal Capital Partners, said, “Conflict-free access to premier alternatives is a unique hallmark of our firm, but no longer enough, and Crystal prides itself on staying ahead of the curve. Technology can be a key growth driver for advisors. Crystal’s technology suite helps reach, educate and service clients more effectively. This proprietary technology offering is now standard-issue for all advisors working with Crystal, at no cost to the advisor.”

Technology can be a key growth driver for advisors. Crystal's technology suite helps reach, educate and service clients more effectively.

Advisors can easily browse Crystal’s Content Library online and view an assortment of thought-provoking materials. They can share these industry-specific materials with their clients, all private-labeled to enhance their brand identity.

Crystal provides advisors with cloud-based CrystalAnalytics©, a proprietary suite of investment analytics and portfolio optimization technology. CrystalResearch™ provides cloud-based qualitative research and operational due diligence. These comprehensive analytics and due diligence resources provide advisors with the enhanced transparency necessary to analyze, construct and monitor portfolios that meet their clients' unique investment needs.

Brod added, “Our easy-to-use tools make it seamless and straight-forward to rebalance portfolios, manage upcoming liquidity requirements and track private equity calls for multiple clients. This is all part of Crystal’s commitment to being not only our clients’ conflict-free alternatives partner, but also a technology resource to help them grow their business with institutional alternative investments.”

There is a tremendous amount of work required to successfully manage subscriptions, redemptions, rebalancing, liquidity, capital calls, distributions, statements, K-1s and other key operational requirements that go into building and maintaining alternative investment portfolios for clients. As part of its technology suite, Crystal has simplified the process of subscribing to multiple funds by offering a single, one-time electronic subscription document. Clients, in turn, receive a consolidated account statement, audit and K-1.

Capital Calls; Rebalancing; Subscriptions; Liquidity; Operational Requirements; Redemptions; Statements; Distributions; K-1s; All your private equity & hedge fund needs in one place.

  • Client-facing deliverables
  • Portfolio optimization technology
  • Portfolio rebalancing capabilities
  • Analytics
  • Ongoing research
  • Streamlined investment process

Crystal not only connects advisors to alternative investments, but also serves as a singular guide to help them navigate the entire alternative investment journey. The platform provides an arsenal of crucial tools, that include: client-facing deliverables, portfolio optimization technology, portfolio rebalancing capabilities, analytics, ongoing research and a streamlined investment process for what was once a tedious and fragmented process — a one-stop package designed to help advisors educate and easily bring this unique asset class to clients.

Crystal provides education and training so advisors can quickly become proficient with their easy-to-use tools. By joining the Crystal advisory network, advisors benefit from a high-touch experienced partner, in tandem with superior investments, technology and execution.

As announced last month, advisory partnerships for the firm has soared almost 50% in the last 18 months, as many independent RIAs, private banks, broker-dealers and multi-family offices have continued to adopt Crystal’s private equity and hedge fund platform. Today, Crystal’s growing community of advisors consists of over 100 independent firms across the United States, who represent over $100 billion in assets collectively – and growing.

Crystal Capital operates one of the nation’s leading alternative investments platforms for financial advisors and their qualified purchaser investors. The independent financial advisory channel is one of the fastest growing and competitive areas in the financial services industry. Crystal has been able to uniquely support and nurture the growth of this channel, as the sector’s need for a turn-key institutional private equity and hedge fund solution becomes increasingly vital.