Miami, FL - 09/25/2020

Crystal Capital Partners Extends its Alternative Investment Connectivity Capabilities with
Bank of New York Mellon

Crystal Capital Partners has expanded and continues to build on its strategic relationship with Bank of New York Mellon (BNY Mellon). This expansion builds upon the existing relationship Crystal has with BNY Mellon’s Alternative Investment Solutions, which provides a full range of services, market reach and expertise to alternative asset managers.

In Crystal’s commitment to providing a hi-tech alternative investment experience, they are one of the early adopters among BNY Mellon’s clients to utilize and integrate their Balance Reporting API. The Balance Reporting API is the first of many in BNY Mellon’s API store that Crystal plans to utilize to streamline internal workflows. Crystal and BNY Mellon have had a strategic relationship for over a decade and continue to work together on future rollouts of transaction/ trade related APIs in terms of configuration, onboarding and testing.

“Advisors continue to look for efficient ways to incorporate alternative investments into their clients’ portfolios. From an operational standpoint, our connectivity with BNY Mellon will provide clients with a streamlined workflow that allows for a simple electronic subscription documentation process, followed by an API that provides instant access to timely client-facing reporting,” said Michael Hoyer, CFO of Crystal Capital Partners.

“We are very pleased to be working with Crystal Capital Partners to integrate our Balance Reporting solution to simplify and bring greater efficiencies to the reporting process,” said Michael Bellacosa, Global Head of Payments and Transaction Services at BNY Mellon. “Our open ecosystem allows for quicker access to technologies that help our clients drive their business forward, and our API portal simplifies the integration process to accelerate solutions delivery.”

In addition to integrating with BNY Mellon’s Balance Reporting API, Crystal has developed an Artificial Intelligence (AI) layer that helps deal with unstructured data commonly found in operational systems of custodial platforms.

“This unique AI approach now powers Crystal’s in-house electronic subscription process and has introduced tremendous efficiencies in what was traditionally a manual and time-intensive undertaking,” reports Salomon Gorin, CTO of Crystal Capital Partners.

“With 25 years of experience, it is our ongoing effort to remove the complexities and barriers associated with alternatives. We are so grateful to work with a network of willing vendors and financial advisors that want to leverage our expertise, technology and infrastructure for the growth of their business and to spread the accessibility of the alternative investment industry,” stated Steven Brod, CEO of Crystal.

BNY Mellon’s engagement with Crystal exemplifies its consultative approach to addressing client service— understanding what their unique requirements are, and delivering technology and solutions tailored to meet clients’ individual needs. BNY Mellon has demonstrated their willingness to work with Crystal for this operational and technical integration, which in turn benefits financial advisors and their clients.