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Crystal Capital Partners Custom Hedge Fund Investment Solutions for Advisors

Crystal Capital Partners, LLC ("Crystal") provides a full suite of advanced investment solutions and high-tech support services specifically designed for Intermediaries to easily analyze, construct, implement and monitor Custom Hedge Fund Portfolios for their clients.

Exposure to institutional-quality hedge funds historically has been limited to institutions, endowments and the largest investors, while Intermediaries have faced significant barriers to providing their eligible clients with these highly coveted investment opportunities.

Crystal has broken down these barriers by offering the highest quality custom hedge fund investment solutions at no cost to Intermediaries. Our fees are based on AuM and are charged to the portfolios.

Exposure to Institutional Quality Funds

BARRIERS: Meeting high minimum investment requirements (up to $20M per fund), obtaining limited investment slots typically reserved for the largest investors and sourcing the highest institutional quality funds.

CRYSTAL SOLUTIONS: As an industry leader, Crystal has satisfied requirements for over 60 institutional quality funds across all strategies and sectors. This allows Intermediaries to build Custom Hedge Fund Portfolios at a $1M minimum (with no per fund minimums). Furthermore, Crystal is not a distribution platform. Crystal's interests are aligned with its investors because Crystal is not compensated by any hedge funds. Crystal seeks to identify institutional-quality funds that meet all its stringent due diligence requirements.

Comprehensive Quantitative and Qualitative Due Diligence

BARRIERS: Performing ongoing quantitative and qualitative due diligence on institutional quality funds, accessing proper investment tools to accurately analyze hedge fund investments, and training and tech support for investing software.

CRYSTAL SOLUTIONS: Crystal provides Intermediaries with web-based access to CrystalTools©, our proprietary suite of quantitative analytics and customized portfolio construction tools. CrystalResearch™ provides web-based qualitative research and operational due diligence on all available funds. These comprehensive due diligence resources provide Intermediaries with the enhanced transparency necessary to analyze, construct and monitor Custom Hedge Fund Portfolios that meet their clients' unique investment needs.

In addition, Crystal provides education and training to help Intermediaries quickly become proficient with Crystal's easy-to-use tools. Crystal also provides ongoing support throughout the investment process.

Investment Implementation / Operational Resources

BARRIERS: Providing clients with independent custody, administration and auditing services.

CRYSTAL SOLUTIONS: Crystal's services include all of the independent third party services required by today's sophisticated investors. For years, Crystal has provided independent custody and administration through Trident

Trust Company, a leading independent administrator. Since inception, Crystal's funds have been audited by premier accounting firm, Ernst & Young.


BARRIERS: Providing comprehensive portfolio proposals, monthly reporting and consolidated Schedule K-1s, without incurring costly fees and/or losing clients to large institutions or competitors.

CRYSTAL SOLUTIONS: Crystal designs custom websites for each Intermediary using their logo, color scheme and marketing message. This allows Intermediaries to provide all services directly to their clients. With a custom website, Intermediaries can add instant value to their firm and clients. BENEFITS INCLUDE:

ENHANCED TRANSPARENCY: Review and analyze quantitative and qualitative due diligence.

PORTFOLIO BUILDING: Prepare comprehensive custom portfolio proposals for client presentations.

REPORTING: Generate detailed account statements and consolidated Schedule K-1s.

MONITORING: Examine portfolio performance to ensure satisfaction of clients' objectives.

Crystal's full suite of advanced Custom Hedge Fund Portfolio services are available to support all Intermediaries, including, but not limited to, registered investment advisers, wealth managers, broker-dealers, financial consultants, family offices, financial institutions, foundations, pensions and endowments.