Miami, FL - 05/13/2020

Crystal Capital Partners Celebrates 25 Years of Investing in Alternatives

In 1994, Crystal Capital Partners pioneered the distinctive vision to create an institutional solution to not only navigate, but also facilitate and simplify, the alternative investment journey —

the kind of solution that would fully empower financial advisors with a dynamic arsenal of tools, insights and support that is crucial to any long-term success. As early investors in many of today’s most recognizable alternative investment managers, and after multiple decades of deep industry experience, Crystal transformed that vision into a full-spectrum reality. A reality that today arms independent advisors with exposure to institutional alternative investments and provides streamlined execution for what was once a tedious and fragmented investment process. Today, Crystal proudly celebrates 25 years since its inception.

Crystal has established itself as a premier gateway to the trillion-dollar institutional private equity and hedge fund industry. Their growing community of advisors consists of over 100 independent firms who represent over $100 billion in assets collectively. Crystal’s partner capital makes up 8% of firm assets under management, creating a unique sense of synergy based on direct alignment of interest. Their in-house team of 20+ professionals — with diverse backgrounds in finance, technology, sales and marketing — takes a personal and hands-on approach to supporting financial advisors through every step of their alternative investment journey.

“With over 25 years of experience in alternative investments, we are not only poised, but also keenly determined to constantly evolve our offering in order to adapt to advisors’ needs in the face of an ever-changing landscape,” said Steven Brod, Senior Partner and CEO of Crystal. “We remain focused on providing the investment advisory community with the quantitative analytics, qualitative research, portfolio optimization technology and other operational efficiencies they require.”

Most independent advisors simply can’t afford to build alternative investment platforms that are sufficiently robust, which is exactly where the distinguished institutionality of Crystal comes in. In order to stay competitive, advisors must lean on the expertise of a high-touch partner, in tandem with superior investments, technology and execution.

Historically, alternative investments have been relegated to the domain of institutional investors due to prohibitive minimums. However, by partnering with Crystal, advisors are uniquely positioned to deliver a customized, institutional and diversified private equity or hedge fund portfolio to their clients with reduced minimums. Crystal’s platform provides exposure to over 60 third-party institutional private equity and hedge funds. Their manager selection process is conflict-free, as they are not compensated by any of the managers in the program.

George Brod, Crystal’s Investment Committee Chairman, a trained engineer from Carnegie Mellon University, has a deep understanding of investments, mathematics, statistics, technology and modeling. Together, George and Crystal’s in-house team of software engineers and investment professionals created and developed proprietary portfolio management tools, quantitative analytics and portfolio optimization technology specifically designed for investing in alternatives. These tools enable advisors to craft proposals, rebalance portfolios, manage upcoming liquidity requirements and track private equity calls — making it seamless and straightforward to both deliver and routinely manage customized and diversified portfolios for multiple clients.

George Brod, Crystal’s Investment Committee Chairman

Recognizing that investing in individual feeder funds is time consuming and overwhelming, Crystal has simplified the process of subscribing to multiple funds by offering a single one-time electronic subscription document. Clients, in turn, receive a consolidated account statement, audit and K‑1. Crystal is fully integrated with the major custodial platforms and data aggregators.