Miami, FL - 09/25/2019

Crystal Capital Partners’ Latest PE & Hedge Fund Portfolio Construction Technology Provides Advisors with a Streamlined, E-Commerce Shopping Experience

Crystal Capital Partners, a pioneer in the alternative investment platform space, has rolled out a new proprietary e-commerce portfolio construction technology that makes building portfolios of third-party institutional private equity and hedge fund exposures as simple as adding items to your online shopping cart.

With this cutting-edge automation, advisors can select from a diverse list of rigorously-vetted institutional private equity and hedge fund exposures across various strategies, add them to their cart, and within seconds generate an institutional-quality portfolio proposal for client presentations.

“With 25 years at the forefront of alternative investing, it is our ongoing commitment to remove the complexities and barriers to entry associated with the asset class; and to smoothly pave the way for ongoing growth that’s in constant synchronicity with improved client experience. Our advisory network leverages our investment expertise, institutional access, technology and operational infrastructure. This new e-commerce technology is just one more example of our intention to always support advisors as they grow their businesses, while simultaneously taking care of all their alternative investing needs.”
- Says Steven Brod, CEO of Crystal.

Crystal’s skilled veteran investment committee utilizes their expertise and deep network to identify managers that meet their stringent due diligence requirements – choosing only those with a proven track record, a dedicated risk management process, deep teams and institutional safeguards. The manager selection process is neutral and conflict-free, as Crystal is not compensated by any of the managers in the program.

The investment committee meets on an ongoing basis to routinely review each fund on the platform, and to consider new ones. The committee then creates fund recommendations for every available fund on the platform. In turn, advisors build portfolios that consist of exposures to this methodically vetted, conflict-free selection of institutional managers. Crystal’s platform is truly built by investors for investors; poised side by side in alignment with the advisor and their clients.

Alternative investing is a long-term journey. Crystal’s seasoned team helps advisors from start to finish – from an e-commerce portfolio construction experience, to easy-to-use, post-investment portfolio monitoring and rebalancing support.