Miami, FL - January 19, 2021

Crystal Capital Partners Releases Web-Based, Client-Facing Alternative Investment Proposals

As client interactions move into the virtual space, innovation is business critical. Financial advisors must be prepared to differentiate themselves and deliver highly visual and engaging experiences to their clients and prospects. It is time to raise the bar — boring content has no place in 2021.

In response, Crystal Capital Partners, a turnkey alternative investment platform for advisors, has released their web-based, client-facing alternative investment proposals, which modernize the way in which financial advisors present the institutional private investments available on Crystal’s platform to their QP clients or prospects. Proposals are interactive and immersive and designed to help advisors stand out from their competition.

Crystal’s new-age, digital proposals allow advisors to customize a diversified portfolio of institutional alternative investments funds. Proposals contain detailed underlying fund information such as vintage fund performance, a firm’s notable investments, the opportunity set for the strategy, information on a firm’s seasoned team, and the latest news. All data is stored securely in the cloud and optimized for mobile and desktop. Proposals can be private labeled with an advisor’s brand identity, personalized for individual clients, and come at NO COST TO ADVISORS.

In addition, Crystal’s proposal technology features usage metrics that help advisors understand client behavior and provide critical feedback for the sales effort. Prospects can also instantly engage with their advisor and request more information to progress in their buyer’s journey.

“With over two decades of alternative investment expertise, we are determined to evolve and innovate marketing and technology strategies that adapt to financial advisors' changing needs.”— Steven Brod, Senior Partner and CEO of Crystal.

High net worth investors remain under-allocated to alternative investments relative to institutional investors, but are increasingly exploring the critical role alternatives can play in institutional-quality portfolio construction. Crystal’s turnkey platform facilitates access to third-party private investment opportunities and provides an end-to-end technology solution automating the unique subscription, administration and reporting processes of alternative investments.