Our Team

Our experienced team of investment professionals is readily available to support you. Leverage the knowledge, insight, and network that we have developed over the last 25+ years. We invest alongside our clients, creating a direct alignment of interest.

Steven Brod

Senior Partner, CEO, & CIO

Steven has over 25 years of alternative investment experience. In 2001, he joined Crystal, launching several US based multi-strategy fund of funds. Having a keen understanding of the industry, Steven realized that one size does not fit all, and advisors needed more customizable options to avoid manager and strategy overlap in client portfolios. Thus, he initiated the Customized Portfolio Program, providing financial advisors with a platform to build customized hedge fund and private equity portfolios for their clients. Steven is primarily responsible for the company’s strategic direction as well as overseeing manager selection and investment support services. He earned his M.B.A. with a specialization in investments from the University of Miami and his B.S. from Bentley College.

George Brod


George has over 35 years of alternative investment experience. In 1994, he pioneered the distinctive vision to create an institutional solution to not only navigate, but also facilitate and simplify the alternative investment journey. He launched his career as an early investor in today’s most recognizable alternative investment funds, creating and managing several offshore fund of funds. George has a deep knowledge of investments, mathematics, statistics, technology, and model developing. He earned his M.S. in Industrial Administration from Carnegie Mellon University.

Investor Relations & Marketing

Senior Partner, Director of Investor Relations
Alan Strauss
Managing Director, Investor Relations
Golan Lewkowicz
VP of Investor Relations
Manuel Diaz
Chief Operating Officer
Karishma Chopra
Partner, Chief Marketing Officer
Natalie Brod
Art Director
Diego Berlin


Senior Partner, CEO, & CIO
Steven Brod
George Brod
Director of Research
Fernando Aguero
Director of Research
Justin Routt
Business Development
Tyler Amodio


Chief Financial Officer
Michael Hoyer
Chief Compliance Officer
Oscar A. Campos
Anthony Handy
Senior Accountant
Stephanie Luxton


Chief Technology Officer
Salomon Gorin
Senior Developer
James Prieto
IT Manager
Darius Petrosius
Web Developer
Nicolae Paraschiv
Front End Web Developer
Vincent Barbosa
Software Developer
Felipe Pineiro Lopez

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