"Our core philosophy is to listen to you, the financial professional, and create solutions that help you better serve your clients."

- Steven Brod, CEO

100% Advisor Focused

We support your sales effort.

Our service comes at no cost to you. Our fees are based on AuM and are charged to the portfolios.

  • Private Label Services
  • Investor Facing Material
  • Live Support
  • Market
  • Customization
  • Fees

Private Label Services

Enhance your brand identity.

Reporting and marketing collateral personalized with your name, your brand’s logos, and color scheme.

Branding with your Logo
Personalized with your name
Custom Cover Image

Investor Facing Material

Deliver top-quality presentations to your clients:
  • Portfolio Proposal
  • Manager Profiles
  • Account Statements
  • Audits
  • Consolidated K-1s

Live Support

We are here to support you.

Training sessions & tutorials

Participation in investor visits and calls upon advisor request

Attendance at advisor events and conferences upon request

Market Intelligence

Thought-provoking industry materials for you and your clients.


Tailored to meet your unique needs
  • Customized reports that deliver content relevant to your investors.
  • Website analytics customized to meet your investment committee standards.
  • Customized disclaimers & other information per Legal and Compliance requirements.


  • Our service comes at no cost to you. Our fees are based on AuM and are charged to the portfolios.

Investing in Alternatives Requires Time, Effort and Costly Overhead.

Prohibitive Institutional fund minimums
No integration of industry portfolio management tools
Overwhelming paperwork and fund specific requirements
Multiple statements, audits, and K1s issued by every fund
Multiple custodians, no connectivity

All Your Private Equity & Hedge Fund Needs in One Place

Access 60+ institutional private equity and hedge funds with low minimums, no per-fund minimums
Proprietary, web based portfolio management tools
A simple, one time, online subscription process
Integrated with all major custodial platforms
Consolidated monthly account statements, audits and K-1s

Crystal Capital
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